Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 reasons running sucks

So as soon as the weather completely turns I'm gonna try this "running" thing again....the attempt made last year failed miserably ~ so while I was considering taking it up again this spring I thought of 10 reason why this is gonna suck ~ so here goes ~ the top ten reasons I hate running:

1. Runners don't seem to care about the weather conditions, hence no rain jacket, umbrella holder or rain boots.

2. My boobs just don't get it ~ they do not cooperate at all during the running period

3. I sweat like a pig

4. The sweat seeps down my back and down into the crack of my ass which is never a good feeling.

5. I often get a headache ~ for reasons unknown

6. I look ridiculous as I clearly don't understand the proper running manner which is expected of average runners

7. my shoes get dirty

8. my earbuds never stay where i put them

9. I forget that I'm not the only one who can hear me singing ~ this isn't the car

10. my sunglasses don't stay put from the excessive amount of sweat pouring down my face

so overall....running sucks....but I'm gonna give it another try this spring :) bitching the entire time.

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