Sunday, January 31, 2010

My dilema with popcorn consumption

As I sit here consuming popcorn while watching the grammys....I think why is it impossible for us to eat popcorn gracefully. I grab one or two kernels, but seriously, that isn't enough at one I grab more of a handful out of the bag....hold it up to my mouth, only to realize I can't fit it all in....oh but can I shove it all in there....crumbs falling onto my shirt.....absolutely nothing graceful about that technique....but it seems thats the norm for most people, especially at the movie theater. I don't think I've ever seen or heard someone in the theater seats around me eating popcorn quietly or without making a complete mess around them.

Who the heck is the Zac Brown band? sorry for the interruption....they just won a grammy for best new artist...and i have no clue who they are....

so i need to cut this short so i can clean up my popcorn mess around me...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Note to Sammy the cat......

Note to Sammy the cat:

STOP WALKING ON MY HEAD AT NIGHT!!! Not sure what could be more annoying while one is trying to sleep than having a cat walk across their pillow coming in contact with their head on the way by......some important things to remember Sammy:

1. I feed you
2. I'm very crabby when woken up at any hour during the night
3. You're not my favorite and its freakishly cold in northeast Ohio this time of year

Manufacturer vs store coupon ~ whats the difference?

When shopping with coupons you can combine a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same product. How can you distinguish between the two?

A manufacturer coupon will have the following on the face of the coupon:

1. It will state "manufacturer coupon" on the face of the coupon~ usually its in a box next to the expiration date on the coupon, however it could be anywhere else on the face of the coupon.

2. There will be a redemption address in the small print. This address allows stores to mail the coupon directly to the manufacturer to be reimbursed.

3. The coupon will have a 12 digit code, usually towards the bottom split into two different bar codes, with the first bar code starting with a 5 or a 9. This is the most important difference because these bar codes are universal, meaning any cash register can read them.

**even if it has a store logo (i.e. you may see Target or CVS alot) on the coupon somewhere, and has all the above, its still a mfg coupon. All stores should accept mfg coupons, however, some less educated stores and/or cashiers will see a store logo on a mfg coupon and will refuse to take them at their store. This just happens. You can try to explain the above, however, sometimes its just not worth the aggravation.

Store coupons will have no redemption address in the small print and may say something like "target web coupon" or "target store coupon" (if its a target store coupon) somewhere on the face of the coupon. Target store coupons usually begin with a "9" in the bar code while CVS store coupons usually start with a "4" in the bar code. The bar codes are important because they are unique to each store, i.e. a CVS store register wouldn't be able to read a Target bar code from one of their store coupons.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cheap Wonderful Pistachios

Are you a fan of pistachios? DUH....who isn't....they're quite addicting....if you sign up at ~ you'll automatically be given 100 points....with 75 of those points you can redeem for a BOGOF coupon for a bag of Wonderful Pistachios ~ Bed, Bath and Beyond has large bags for $7.99 ~ combine your BOGOF mfg coupon with a Bed, Bath and Beyond $5/$15 coupon and get two bags for $2.99 ;) ~ you're welcome!!!

Still can't find that smell............

when you can't figure out what that smell is coming from the interior of your vehicle, swap with your husband :)

There's nothing wrong with a courtesy flush

Have you ever walked into a public restroom only to go through 4 stalls before you find the one that is clear of "deposits" from others. While I understand that we're all busy in life with our iphone apps (which I do NOT have because Verizon is totally lame) and probably don't recognize the automatic flush happening in the middle of the transaction....thats no excuse for forgetting the courtesy flush. Its easy....before you turn the knob allowing you to escape the small cubicle, turn around and just give it one courtesy flush for the next person. We thank you for taking those 2 seconds out of your life to make our visit to the public restroom a pleasant experience.

My Free stuff this week :)

Some things that were cheap or free for me this week at Giant Eagle:

Ronzoni Pasta ~ 20 boxes for free :)
Digornio Pizza ~ $.33 per pizza ~ 12 pizzas and counting!!!
Sobe Life Water ~ 12 bottles for free :)
French's Mustard ~ $.25 per bottle

New to the blog world

So what do people blog about? Do you want to hear about my marriage, eh, probably not so much....maybe you want to hear about my struggles with just too personal and just not fun to chat about.....maybe you want to hear about my issues with restaurants serving salads on plates instead of in bowls or my confusion with women who choose not to wear a thong when it clearly is the best option based on their pant choice for the day. Yes, random things that many people miss during their lifetime make my head explode on any given day.

Oh...and many of you may stop by for the ridiculous deals I find every day. I'm that annoying person in front of you at the cash register who pays $1.23 for a cart full of groceries....or that person in front of you at Target who found the cutest jacket that rings up for $3 because I scoured through the clearance rack....if there's a deal to be found, rest assured I'll find it.

Thanks for stopping by and remember....Live, Laugh, Love, Save :)