Sunday, January 31, 2010

My dilema with popcorn consumption

As I sit here consuming popcorn while watching the grammys....I think why is it impossible for us to eat popcorn gracefully. I grab one or two kernels, but seriously, that isn't enough at one I grab more of a handful out of the bag....hold it up to my mouth, only to realize I can't fit it all in....oh but can I shove it all in there....crumbs falling onto my shirt.....absolutely nothing graceful about that technique....but it seems thats the norm for most people, especially at the movie theater. I don't think I've ever seen or heard someone in the theater seats around me eating popcorn quietly or without making a complete mess around them.

Who the heck is the Zac Brown band? sorry for the interruption....they just won a grammy for best new artist...and i have no clue who they are....

so i need to cut this short so i can clean up my popcorn mess around me...

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