Friday, January 29, 2010

New to the blog world

So what do people blog about? Do you want to hear about my marriage, eh, probably not so much....maybe you want to hear about my struggles with just too personal and just not fun to chat about.....maybe you want to hear about my issues with restaurants serving salads on plates instead of in bowls or my confusion with women who choose not to wear a thong when it clearly is the best option based on their pant choice for the day. Yes, random things that many people miss during their lifetime make my head explode on any given day.

Oh...and many of you may stop by for the ridiculous deals I find every day. I'm that annoying person in front of you at the cash register who pays $1.23 for a cart full of groceries....or that person in front of you at Target who found the cutest jacket that rings up for $3 because I scoured through the clearance rack....if there's a deal to be found, rest assured I'll find it.

Thanks for stopping by and remember....Live, Laugh, Love, Save :)

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