Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cleveland area Half Off Deals ~ Check back often

I've gathered an extensive list of the local Cleveland area Half off (or more) deals. Enjoy :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

$112 worth of groceries/h&b for $6.06

CVS Visit 4/21

(6) sobe life waters $1.00 each ~ total $6.00
less (6) $.50/sobe coupons ($.50 each)
(4) extra large Hershey Bars $1.50 each ~ total $6.00
less (4) $1/hershey large bar coupon
(2) bags of Hershey's dark chocolate kisses $3.00 each ~ total $6.00
less (1) $1.00/2 bags of hershey kisses mfg coupon
less (1) cvs crt $1.50/2 bags of hershey kisses
(2) Thermacare neck wraps $2.49 each ~ total $4.98
no coupons LOL
(7) Bumble bee canned tuna $.49 each ~ total $3.43
less (3) $1/2 cans of Bumble bee tuna mfg coupon
(2) Nature's Bounty Vitamin D ~ $4.99 each ~ total $9.98
less CVS sale BOGOF -$4.99
less (2) $3/Nature's Bounty mfg coupon
(11) St. Ives Apricot Scrub Travel size $1.49 each ~ total $16.39
less (10) $1.50 any St Ives skin care item mfg coupon
(1) CVS cocoa butter stick $.99
less $1/any cvs skin care product crt coupon
(1) CVS single paper towel $1.29
less $1/any cvs paper product crt coupon
(1) Stayfree maxi pad $3.99
less $1/any stayfree product mfg coupon
less $4/any stayfree product cvs crt coupon

also used a cvs $4/$20 coupon and $9 in ecb to pay for balance

oop $.56 + $2.14 for tax ~ $2.70 (all of which his reimbursable through my FSA)


Giant Eagle trip 4/22

(4) 4 packs of fiber one yogurt $1.67 each ~ total $6.68
less (4) $.55/fiber one 4 pack doubled
(22) Zone Perfect Bars $1.20 each ~ total $26.40
less (22) $.55/zone bar doubled
(1) bag of SunChips $2.99
less FREE coupon from becoming a fan on facebook :)
(1) 12 pack diet ginger ale $3.67
no coupons LOL
(1) jello 6 pack sugar free jello cups $3.00
less $.75/jello gelatin cups doubled
(2) bags sargento cheese $2.00 each ~ total $4.00
less (2) $.75/sargento cheese doubled
(3) coffee mate creamers $1.50 each ~ $4.50
less (3) $.50/coffee mate creamer doubled

also used $5/$50 giant eagle coupon and a $4/oyno catalina that I received earlier this week from a shopping trip

Total oop $3.39

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

around $90 worth of groceries for $1.32 at Giant Eagle

This was a great Giant Eagle Week ~

Trip #1
(1) Starbucks Coffee 12 oz. bag $6.99
less $1.50/starbucks mfg coupon and $2/any coffee giant eagle coupon
(20) Zone Perfect Dark Chocolate Bars $1.20 each or $24 total
less (20) $.55/zone coupons doubled (making them $.10 each)
(1) Rhodes Frozen Multi Grain Rolls $2.99
less $1/any Rhodes rolls coupon
(4) Bumble Bee Tuna Pouches $1.00 each ~ $4.00 total
less (4) $.55/1 Bumble Bee Tuna coupon doubled (making these free)
(1) Land O Lakes Butter $1.87
less $.75/land o lakes butter coupon doubled (making this $.37)
(6) Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls $1.00 each ~ $6.00 total
less (3) $.75/2 pillsbury rolls doubled (making these $.25 each)
(2) 4 pack Angel Soft toilet Paper ~ $1.19 each ~ $2.38 total
less $2/any paper product giant eagle coupon (making these $.19 each)
(2) Reynolds Wrap ~ $1.69 each $3.38 total
less (2) $.75/reynolds wrap doubled (making these $.19 each)
(1) Betty Crocker instant potato pouch $.89
less $.40/betty crocker potato doubled (making this $.09)

Subtotal: $52.50
used a $5/$50 giant eagle coupon
paid $6.26 oop and got back $4 off on your next order catalina (for buying 6 pillsbury in one transaction)~ so really $2.26


Transaction #2 (the following day)
(20) Zone bars $1.20 each total $24
less (20) $.55/zone coupons doubled (making them $.10 each)
(6) Pillsbury cinnamon rolls $1 each or $6 total
less (2) $.75/2 pillsbury rolls doubled and (1) $.40/2 (making these $.37 each)
(1) Right Guard Defense 5 Deodorant $1.74
less (1) $1.50/Right Guard Defense 5 deodorant printable (making this $.24)
(2) Larabar cookies $1.00 each total $2.00
less $.75/2 doubled (making these $.25 each)
(1) Reynolds Wrap $1.69
less $.75/Reynolds Wrap doubled (making this $.19)

Subtotal: $35.43
used $3/$30 giant eagle coupon
paid $3.06 oop ~ received $4 off on your next order catalina...so I MADE money on this one!!

overall over 2 days ~ paid $9.32 out of pocket ~ and I have (2) $4/on your next order coupons for giant eagle so essentially paid $1.32 TOTAL for all this stuff!!! Not too shabby :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

got me some brownie mix!!!

Today's giant eagle trip:

8 boxes of Betty Crocker Brownie Mix
12 Zone Perfect Bars
10 cans of Progresso Soup
2 bags of Betty Crocker Instant Potatoes
1 tub Land o Lakes whipped butter
10 bottles of Vitamin water zero
1 Excedrin Migraine 50 ct

total before coupons $69.58 total after coupons ~ $10.28

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 reasons running sucks

So as soon as the weather completely turns I'm gonna try this "running" thing again....the attempt made last year failed miserably ~ so while I was considering taking it up again this spring I thought of 10 reason why this is gonna suck ~ so here goes ~ the top ten reasons I hate running:

1. Runners don't seem to care about the weather conditions, hence no rain jacket, umbrella holder or rain boots.

2. My boobs just don't get it ~ they do not cooperate at all during the running period

3. I sweat like a pig

4. The sweat seeps down my back and down into the crack of my ass which is never a good feeling.

5. I often get a headache ~ for reasons unknown

6. I look ridiculous as I clearly don't understand the proper running manner which is expected of average runners

7. my shoes get dirty

8. my earbuds never stay where i put them

9. I forget that I'm not the only one who can hear me singing ~ this isn't the car

10. my sunglasses don't stay put from the excessive amount of sweat pouring down my face

so overall....running sucks....but I'm gonna give it another try this spring :) bitching the entire time.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cottage Cheese Ass

You've seen it.....don't pretend like you haven't.....you're behind a woman in the grocery store...this woman thought it would be a fine idea to wear those beige sweats...just a bit snug compared to the last time she wore them. While she was choosing her attire for the day....all she could think about, underwear, who needs to wear underwear....I can't possibly have people seeing my underwear lines......next thing you know ~~~you're face to face with cottage cheese ass protruding through the fabric. ACK!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday's shopping trips~~~

CVS Transaction #1

(2) Cover Girl Clean Pressed Powders $6 each...total $12
(1) Pantene Renewal Conditioner $4.99
(2) Sobe Life Water $1.29 each, on sale BOGOF
(1) CVS Cocoa Butter Stick $.99
(2) CVS purse size tissues $.99 for 2
(11) Valentine's Day items at $.25 each (75% 0ff)

Coupons used:
CVS $5/$20
CVS Coupon $1/any skin care product
CVS Coupon $1/2 cvs tissues
(1) BOGOF Covergirl Face Product
(1) $1/Pantene product
(2) $.50/sobe life water
$8 in ecb

Subtotal $.01 + $1.09 tax = $1.10 total oop...received $7 in ecb ($5 for cg and $2 for pantene)


Transaction #2
(4) Glade Sense & Spray $6 each...total $24
(4) Sobe Life Water $1.29 each...BOGOF on sale
(2) Valentine's Day clearance items at $.25 each (75% off)

Coupons used:
CVS Coupon $5/$20
(4) $3/Glade Sense & Spray
(4) $.50/sobe life water
$8 in ecb

Total $.08 + $1.35 tax = $1.43 total oop...received $8 in ecb for the Glade deal ;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday's shopping trips

So I stopped at cvs twice today....and for around $1.30 plus $3.10 tax I walked away with the following, along with $30 in ecb:

(1) aussie volumizer spray gel
(1) aussie volumizing mousse
(4) crest pro health toothpaste
(2) colgate total advanced toothpaste
(3) glade fragrance collection 10 oz. candles
(2) glade sense and spray
(1) cvs travel size apricot scrub
(2) cvs travel size facial tissues
(1) cvs hand sanitizer
(3) half and half coffee creamers

this is how I did it:

Trip #1
(1) aussie volumizing mousse $2.99
(1) colgate total advanced toothpaste $2.99
(2) glade fragrance collection 10 oz. candles $6 each total $12
(2) crest pro health toothpaste $3.50 each total $7
(1) cvs travel size apricot scrub $1.49

coupons used:
(1) $1/aussie product
(1) $1/colgate toothpaste
(2) $3/glade fragrance collection 10 oz. candle
(2) $.75/crest pro health
(1) $2/any cvs skin care product
$14 ecb

total $.97+ $1.32 tax = $2.29 oop...received $15 back in ecb


(1) aussie volumizing spray gel $2.99
(1) colgate total enamel toothpaste $2.99
(1) glade fragrance collection 10 oz. candle $6
(2) glade sense and spray $6 each total $12
(2) crest pro health toothpaste $3.50 each total $7
(1) cvs hand sanitizer $1.19
(2) cvs travel size pocket tissues $.99 for 2
(3) half and half coffeee creamers $1.89 each

coupons used:
CVS $5/$20
(1) $1/aussie hair care product
(1) $1/colgate toothpaste
(1) $3/glade frangrance collection product
(2) $4/glade sense and spray
(2) $.75/crest pro health toothpaste
(1) $2/cvs skin care product
(1) crt $1/2 cvs facial tissues

subtotal $.33 + $1.78 tax = $2.11 total oop....received $15 back in ecb

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fabulous Friday deals :)

In a nutshell...I paid out of pocket a total of $13.78 for all of the following items, however in addition to all these items:

(6) Febreze Noticables
(3) Gillette Fusion Razors
(3) Clairol Perfect 10 Hair Color
(3) 2.2 lb bags of Iams Protection cat food
(2) Gillette Body wash
(4) Nivea Lip hydration sticks
(1) Ritz crackers
(1) Wheat Thins crackers
(1) Emerald nuts
(3) Milky Way bars

I walked away with:

$5 target gc
$10 in ecb on one cvs card
$9 in ecb on the other cvs card

so.....pretty sure I won this round :) oh and this all happened today, friday, its the first I've been out shopping for deals this week...yea, I got a bit behind. Can you imagine if I had started on Monday???? LOL

Target~super quick trip
(6) Febreze Noticables ~ Nighttime ~ $4.52 less $4 mfg coupon = $.52 each

(3) bags of Iams Protection Cat Food ~ 2.2 lb bags ~ 6.99 less $5.00 mfg coupon and less $.50 target stickie on the package = $1.49 per bag

(2) Gillette Fusion mens razors ~ $6.99 each ~ less $4 mfg coupons and BONUS receive a $5 target gift card when you buy 2 ~ so it looks a little like this:

$6.99 x 2 = $13.98
less (2) $4/mfg coupons = $5.98 oop...and you get back a $5 target gc ;) I had a target gift card already because if you do this often enough, you'll just keep rolling them...so I paid $.98 and received 2 razors and a $5 target gc.

(6) Febreze Noticables at $.52 each after coups
(3) bags of Iams Protection cat food $1.49 each after coups
(2) Gillette Fusion Razors ~ .50 each after coups and a target gc

Total: $9.92 plus tax...and received a $5 target gc for the gillette razors

so then I stop at cvs on my way home and do this:

Transaction #1
Clairol Perfect 10 hair color ~ 9.99
Clairol Perfect 10 hair color ~ 9.99
Nivea Lip Hydration ~ 2.99
Nivea Lip Hydration ~ 2.99
Nivea Lip Hydration ~ 2.99
Nivea Lip Hydration ~ 2.99
(3) Milky way bars ~ 1.49 (needed a filler)
(1) Emerald Peanuts ~ 1.00

subtotal: $34.43

cvs crt coupon $5/$20
(2) $5/clairol perfect 10 hair color
(2) BOGOF Nivea Lip product
$12.98 in cvs ecb

subtotal: $.48 + tax $1.85 = $2.33 oop and received $10 ecb back for the nivea deal and the clairol p&g deal

Second Transaction (different card)
(1) Gillette Fusion $8.99
(1) Gillette Body Wash $4
(1) Gillette Body Wash $4
(1) Clairol Perfect 10 Hair color $9.99
(1) box of Ritz crackers $2
(1) box of wheat thins $2

subtotal: $30.98

less these coupons:
CVS $5/$20 crt
$4/fusion razor
$2/gillette body wash
$2/gillette body wash
$5/clairol perfect 10 hair color
$1/nabisco cracker
$1/nabisco cracker
$10.98 cvs ecb

subtotal $0.00 + $1.53 in tax = $1.53 oop and received $9 back in ecb


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Free Bowling at select Brunswick Lanes

Free Bowling at select Brunswick Lanes 2/14/2010 through 2/28/10 ~

check for locations here:

Whats the whole Swagbucks deal?

If you buy anything from amazon.com, Swagbucks should be your best friend. When you join Swagbucks you earn bucks which can be redeemed for $5 Amazon Gift codes. You can redeem for larger gift codes or even larger gift cards from other stores and even "stuff" ~ but when you do the swagbuck point to dollar ratio for redemption, you're getting much more bang for your buck when you redeem 45 swagbucks for a $5 amazon gift code.

The easiest way to earn swagbucks is by using their search engine. It's been determined that you can generally earn swagbucks in the morning, afternoon and evening by your 5th search. So when you login to Swagbucks and do 5 searches without earning any bucks, you might want to move on for a bit and come back later.....there are also various codes given out throughout the day and can be found on their toolbar (which can be downloaded for free), in their widget (which can be downloaded also for free), on their blog....and you can even get hints by following them on twitter, becoming their facebook fan, or even becoming a fan of swagbucks tricks on Facebook. Codes are everywhere.

I joined in Mid December 2009 and so far I've redeemed for (7) $5 amazon codes. When I have 45 swagbucks, I redeem for my $5 gift code ~ I then login to my amazon account and "bank" my $5 codes....that way when I buy something from amazon, the money is already in my amazon account!!! Its essentially FREE money! Super easy to earn and super easy to save up.

Imagine this, earn $20/month in amazon codes from Swagbucks (which is easy to d0 by redeeming $5 for every 45 swagbucks)....bank all that money into your amazon account, and by christmas time you'll have $240 for christmas shopping on amazon!

You can also earn swagbucks by using their shopping links and/or recycling old telephones, computers.....and so many more ways :) its just easy free money.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Where do I find the coupons?

People ask me all the time....."where do you find all the coupons that you use? Well after years and years of doing this I can honestly tell you that I can spot a coupon from a freakishly long distance.

Take last week for example....I ended up with 20 boxes of Ronzoni pasta for free....how in the heck did I get 20 of the same coupon? Well that particular situation, I found one $.75/coupon in my sunday paper inserts. I knew that the pasta would be free at my grocery store using that coupon so I went to ebay and bought 20 for $.99 because I was almost out of pasta. So ebay is one source for multiple coupons. You can usually get them in quantities of 10, 20, 50 for a small percentage of the face value...usually around $1 for 10. If you're getting a product for free after the coupon, that $1 investment is no biggie.

So besides your sunday inserts, and ebay....you can find coupons in the stores themselves. I'm sure you've seen those blinkie machines hanging on the shelves....or tearpads on a display for a new product. You've probably even seen stickers (we call them peelies in the coupon world) on the actual products themselves. You'll find all of the above at grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations, convenient marts.....really anywhere. The coupons are put out by the manufacturer, not the store themselves.

The newest version of coupons are those found online. You can usually print coupons directly from a manufacturer's website. In addition, sites such as coupons.com or redplum.com offer a large variety of online coupons. You can find a large list of printables in the database at www.afullcup.com

Trading with friends and/or using coupon boxes are local libraries, day care centers, churches are other options.

Really, you're surrounded by coupons, you just have to start noticing them. :)

Happy shopping my friends :)

Free Kashi Sample :)

Get your free Kashi Sample!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some great 75% off deals going on at Target right now....

If you haven't checked out Target for their 75% off deals.....you might wanna check it out.

Theres some great bath and bedding finds...bought a couple large bathroom rugs...$3.74, a twin size heated plush blanket $14.99 (originally $59.99) ~ I've also heard that people are finding the fancy fire pits for $19.98 down from $79.99!!!! My store has them at 50% off which isn't quite cheap enough for me yet :) yea...I'm the queen of 75% off!!!!!

Some other deals to check out.....bedding and bath items 50%-75% off.....seasonal grill stuff is 50%-75% off.....portable heaters are 30%-50% off.....sporting goods 75% off (found alot of boys ice skates and womens roller blades).....slippers 75% off.

Love the bullseye!!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Just a few quick deal trips today..........

A little stop at CVS got me this:

(2) Dove mens body wash
(1) Skippy Peanut Butter

$.90 oop....received $10.98 back in ecb


After CVS I stopped at Giant Eagle and got this:

(3) 12" Digornio Pizzas
(10) boxes of Ronzoni Pasta
(4) containers of Reynolds Aluminum Foil
(2) 1/2 cartons of Light Silk Soy Milk
(1) trial size edge mens shaving cream

$3.34 oop

oh and I stopped at Staples and dropped off (6) empty printer cartridges which equates to $18 of Staples rewards which I'll use for paper towels, toilet paper and/or starbucks coffee ;) ~ so pretty sure I'm ahead of the game today!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

My dilema with popcorn consumption

As I sit here consuming popcorn while watching the grammys....I think why is it impossible for us to eat popcorn gracefully. I grab one or two kernels, but seriously, that isn't enough at one time....so I grab more of a handful out of the bag....hold it up to my mouth, only to realize I can't fit it all in....oh but can I......so I shove it all in there....crumbs falling onto my shirt.....absolutely nothing graceful about that technique....but it seems thats the norm for most people, especially at the movie theater. I don't think I've ever seen or heard someone in the theater seats around me eating popcorn quietly or without making a complete mess around them.

Who the heck is the Zac Brown band? sorry for the interruption....they just won a grammy for best new artist...and i have no clue who they are....

so i need to cut this short so i can clean up my popcorn mess around me...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Note to Sammy the cat......

Note to Sammy the cat:

STOP WALKING ON MY HEAD AT NIGHT!!! Not sure what could be more annoying while one is trying to sleep than having a cat walk across their pillow coming in contact with their head on the way by......some important things to remember Sammy:

1. I feed you
2. I'm very crabby when woken up at any hour during the night
3. You're not my favorite and its freakishly cold in northeast Ohio this time of year

Manufacturer vs store coupon ~ whats the difference?

When shopping with coupons you can combine a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon on the same product. How can you distinguish between the two?

A manufacturer coupon will have the following on the face of the coupon:

1. It will state "manufacturer coupon" on the face of the coupon~ usually its in a box next to the expiration date on the coupon, however it could be anywhere else on the face of the coupon.

2. There will be a redemption address in the small print. This address allows stores to mail the coupon directly to the manufacturer to be reimbursed.

3. The coupon will have a 12 digit code, usually towards the bottom split into two different bar codes, with the first bar code starting with a 5 or a 9. This is the most important difference because these bar codes are universal, meaning any cash register can read them.

**even if it has a store logo (i.e. you may see Target or CVS alot) on the coupon somewhere, and has all the above, its still a mfg coupon. All stores should accept mfg coupons, however, some less educated stores and/or cashiers will see a store logo on a mfg coupon and will refuse to take them at their store. This just happens. You can try to explain the above, however, sometimes its just not worth the aggravation.

Store coupons will have no redemption address in the small print and may say something like "target web coupon" or "target store coupon" (if its a target store coupon) somewhere on the face of the coupon. Target store coupons usually begin with a "9" in the bar code while CVS store coupons usually start with a "4" in the bar code. The bar codes are important because they are unique to each store, i.e. a CVS store register wouldn't be able to read a Target bar code from one of their store coupons.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Cheap Wonderful Pistachios

Are you a fan of pistachios? DUH....who isn't....they're quite addicting....if you sign up at www.recyclebank.com ~ you'll automatically be given 100 points....with 75 of those points you can redeem for a BOGOF coupon for a bag of Wonderful Pistachios ~ Bed, Bath and Beyond has large bags for $7.99 ~ combine your BOGOF mfg coupon with a Bed, Bath and Beyond $5/$15 coupon and get two bags for $2.99 ;) ~ you're welcome!!!

Still can't find that smell............

when you can't figure out what that smell is coming from the interior of your vehicle, swap with your husband :)

There's nothing wrong with a courtesy flush

Have you ever walked into a public restroom only to go through 4 stalls before you find the one that is clear of "deposits" from others. While I understand that we're all busy in life with our iphone apps (which I do NOT have because Verizon is totally lame) and probably don't recognize the automatic flush happening in the middle of the transaction....thats no excuse for forgetting the courtesy flush. Its easy....before you turn the knob allowing you to escape the small cubicle, turn around and just give it one courtesy flush for the next person. We thank you for taking those 2 seconds out of your life to make our visit to the public restroom a pleasant experience.

My Free stuff this week :)

Some things that were cheap or free for me this week at Giant Eagle:

Ronzoni Pasta ~ 20 boxes for free :)
Digornio Pizza ~ $.33 per pizza ~ 12 pizzas and counting!!!
Sobe Life Water ~ 12 bottles for free :)
French's Mustard ~ $.25 per bottle

New to the blog world

So what do people blog about? Do you want to hear about my marriage, eh, probably not so much....maybe you want to hear about my struggles with infertility.....eh....thats just too personal and just not fun to chat about.....maybe you want to hear about my issues with restaurants serving salads on plates instead of in bowls or my confusion with women who choose not to wear a thong when it clearly is the best option based on their pant choice for the day. Yes, random things that many people miss during their lifetime make my head explode on any given day.

Oh...and many of you may stop by for the ridiculous deals I find every day. I'm that annoying person in front of you at the cash register who pays $1.23 for a cart full of groceries....or that person in front of you at Target who found the cutest jacket that rings up for $3 because I scoured through the clearance rack....if there's a deal to be found, rest assured I'll find it.

Thanks for stopping by and remember....Live, Laugh, Love, Save :)